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because of the oil spill. >>> mitt romney scores a win in washington state with the primary victory tonight just days before super tuesday. reports from wjz tonight with ten states now for grabs at the most critical point in the candidate's campaign. >> reporter: inside some caucus sites, it was standing room only. in others, voters were turned away as tens of thousands at washington state republicans made their picks for a presidential nominee. front-runner mitt romney won the contest. drew in to push hard for his first victory, but came up short. may give romney a boost into the critical super tuesday contest. saturday, he rallied supporters in ohio where he's lock maryland a close race with rick santorum, but romney stuck to hammering president obama and highlighting his business background. >> with incomes having gone down, we know a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: santorum used the editorial to challenge romney on health care. in it, romney said he supported individual mandates, tax penalties that inspired president obama's health care bill. >>
you get served -- >> reporter: mitt romney ignored his republican rivals and attacked president obama. >> he has been in office for three years. i'm still waiting to hear what his job plan is. how he is going to make america most competitive and put us back to work. >> >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates tuesday and it's newt gingrich territory. he said it is a must win >> you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best repute crate you >>> repudiate you. >> >> we have seen in washington, and some of the other states, we have the anti-romney vote, if you will. both gingrich and i are out there shrugging away. >> reporter: santorum and romney are locked in a tight race in ohio. a key state because it's a general election battle ground. a new poll shows santorum leading romney by two points. ohio is one of 10 states up for grabs tuesday with more than 400 delegates at stake. republicans could see their economy emerge or once again shake up the race. drew levinson, "wjz" "eyewitness news." >> >> ron paul spent sunday in alaska alaska holds its primary super tuesday. up
the criticism of front runner mitt romney. >> he's the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> when the reporter asked him to explain what he meant, he shot back by telling him to stop lying. he went on to say the romney comment was taken out of context. >> quit distorting my words. if i see it, it's. come on, man, what are you doing? >> he explained his remark against romney was on the issue of health care and not a broader attack. he leads the delegate race in wisconsin, washington, d.c., and here in maryland. >>> a stunning blow to the once powerful politician charged with participating in a french prostitution ring. the former chief was released today on bail. this comes just two days before the start of a civil trial in new york. a hotel maid accuses of sexually assaulting her. criminal charges in that case were dropped. >>> an easter egg hunt in colorado springs is canceled because of aggressive parents. mothers and fathers jumping in and helping their children find eggs. the resulting chaos brought about a major safety concern for this year, so the decision was
for a two man race between him and romney. he's not going to ask gingrich to step -- a side. >> i think the odds are good we'll when them. >> let's not forget ron paul is still in this. he won the wyoming caucuses. romney has a total of 454 delegates which is twice as many as paul, gingrich and santorum combined. >>> it's not the best pick but i guess it could have been worst. tonight the basketball team learns their match up in the tournaments and players and students are pretty pumped up. >> reporter: the greyhounds cheer in excitement. the 15th seated men's basketball team will play ohio state thursday, a second seeded team. >> i'm worried because they're bigger than we are and more physical. >> reporter: this is the first time they head to the big dance since 1994. students are stoked. >> everyone's really excited and ready to go. >> everyone's got high hopes. it's exciting, definitely. >> my dad went to school here and to see them excel on my first year coming to school, it's been a great experience. >> reporter: 6' 7 player spoke to mark. >> reporter: what's it going to take to be
favored a state where mitt romney and newt gingrich did not campaign. >> i'm thrilled to come and support rick santorum. >> and the associated press has reported that romney adds another six delegates to his total. gingrich spent saturday, barnstorming in alabama. the former house speaker signed autographs and asked for support as he works to jump start his campaign in the deep south. >> if we can win alabama and mississippi tuesday night, we will reset the campaign for, i guess, the 9th or 10th time. sometime on wednesday. >> reporter: gingrich vowed to stay in the race, right through the gop convention. but santorum is hoping a poor showing tuesday will force gingrich to drop out. consolidating the conservative vote that is now split between the two candidates. romney has a demanding lead in the delegate count. >> good morning, you all. >> he's looking for a strong showing in the south after losing to gingrich in south carolina. >> i got started this morning with a biscuit and cheesy grits. >> you have to cut spending. >> reporter: ron paul continues to focus on caucus states as the bes
both of us tag team romney. >> reporter: gingrich made a big push here in the deep south. he was the only candidate still in town on primary day trying to sway undecided voters and get supporter toss the poll. some alabama voters say it is time for him to go. >> i don't think he has a chance. >> reporter: so far, gingrich is resisting calls to end his campaign and says he plans to go all the way to the convention. >> and once again, just moments ago cbs news projects santorum has won in mississippi and alabama. stay with us for more on these key republican primaries. >>> sticker shock. gas prices top $4.00 a gallon at some location stations. this as the governor prepares his final push to raise the gas tax. we have more on the proposal in question. >> reporter: the governor is expected to testify in support of the gas tax increase tomorrow in annapolis, but it's the prices here that could derail any chance of it passing. punishing prices at the pump, $4.05 a gallon. >> it really hurts. i mean, $4.05, that's just for regular. i have to use mid-grade. >> it's killing us. we're
. police say now they have no evidence to support that theory. >>> campaign 2012, mitt romney easily wins the illinois primary. he beats santorum by double digits. he'll be in maryland tomorrow afternoon ahead of our april 3rd primary. he'll hold a town hall meeting. >>> a local hero murdered this afghanistan is honored in a solemn ceremony. buried with full military honors. he was gunned down last month after violent protests over burning of the kuran. >>> top cop is ordered to testify about executive john liepold's political corruption charges. we continue to investigate the unfolding scandal. we have the tough questions facing the police chief. >> reporter: the council has served the police chief with the first in what's expected to be a series of subpoenas to county leaders ordering they testify under oath about possible illegal and improper actions at the direction of their boss, county executive john liepold. >> he'll be talking under the penalty of perjury. he was served today and we can compel him to testify under our laws. i suspect he'll be there voluntarily. >> reporter: orderi
delegates are up for grabs on the most crucial day of the republican campaign. new polls show mitt romney has caught up with rival rick santorum in ohio. the question is will march 6 be the day he takes the lead once and for all or will santorum pull out a surprise victory. >>> layola university pulls out a win. they'll have to wait until supd -- sunday to find out who they're playing next. mark will have more in sports. >>> the obstacle that made it difficult for firefighters to put this fire out. >>> he was living proof of a new era of medicine. christopher lyle had a controversial surgery. how it's been working out for him. >> we have a check of the weather after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 33 degrees and breezy in central maryland and breezy. >>> unsuspected motorists sent skidding. no major injuries were reported. >>> a tour bus leaving the hoover dam catches fire. the passengers got off before it became fully engulfed. firefighters say they had trouble putting out the fire buzz -- because there was no near fire hydrant. >>> the conservative talk show host limbaugh has apo
than expected. mitt romney and santorum are locked in a tight battle in ohio. it's the most critical of the super tuesday contests. >> we're counting up the delegates for the convention. it looks good and we're counting down the days until november and that looks even better. >> reporter: wins in virginia, vermont, and massachusets. evan glucal voters helped him win in tennessee and oklahoma. >> as it looks right now, we'll get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole pass full of silver medals. >> reporter: he wants voters to see him as the conservative candidate who can beat president obama. newt gingrich won in georgia. he needed a victory from the state he represented in congress to keep his campaign alive. >> i'm here, first of all, to say thank you to each and every one of you. you are the reason we survived every effort of the establishment to stop us. >> reporter: ron paul spoke to supporters in north dakota. >> are we going to win? >> yeah! >> we always win, right? >> reporter: the candidates will divide a total of 419 delegates up for grabs, more than a third of the tot
three officers in the raid when he shot at them from a window. >>> mitt romney comes to maryland campaigning for votes. he comes to the town hall meeting. he's trying to keep the momentum rolling after a big win in illinois last night. >>> in washington, maryland's senator is honored for earning a spot in the record books. law makers pay tribute to her today for becoming the longest serving woman in congress. she has spent more than 35 years fighting for the people in maryland and baltimore and she says they're the ones she works to defend every day. >> i want them to know though i've now served in the senate 12,008 892 -- 12,892 days i will never forget them. >> she gets praised for her tenacity. >>> tonight city hall flooded with angry home owners with bills hundreds and thousands of dollars too high. meghan has more on the fight at city council. >> >> reporter: some say they're in danger because of their water bill. city home owners waging war over water bill mistakes. so what do i do? do i pay your inflated water bill of $530 or take care of my child? >> reporter: wanda has b
and sunday if you're off, you can vote. >> reporter: while mitt romney is leading, he visited last week hoping to guarantee a win here. newt gingrich and rick santorum are also wanting attention with visits scheduled tuesday. with early voting starting on saturday, maryland will have more time to have their say. >> it does give people more of a choice to come out for six additional days plus you have the absentee process and primary election day. >> reporter: early voting continues this monday through thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. since the race is far from over, they hope maryland can make a difference. >> i hope this will help. >> and to find an early voting center near you, log on to wjz.com. >>> clashes erupt in greece during independence day celebrations there. protesters tried to disrupt today's parade by firing yogurt and other bottled objects. they were rallying against economic reforms. the events were cut short. >>> it was a much different scene here in baltimore today as hundreds came out to celebrate greek independence. people marched through downtown baltimore to honor
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11